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Cold Air Gun System

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SThis system is suitable for applying in precision machinery, semiconductor equipment, and aesthetic laser....etc.
Product No. - EGP Series
Product Prices - Negotiable
Delivery Days - 30 Days
Minimum Order - Negotiable

EGP Cold Air Spray system is available for precision machinery, semiconductor equipment and medicine aesthetic laser, for which size is compact and easy to install.

    Extend tool life up to 30%    
    Produduce outlet air to 50°C below inlet air temperature


    EGPA-21: Straight Type Air-Cool Gun

    EGPB-21: Separated Type Air-Cool Gun

    EGPA-PS: Moveable Type Oil-Mist Air Spray System

    EGPA-TS: Separated Type Air-Cool Gun


 By means of air compressor to generate super low temperature air and oil mist without any Freon and power.

 Without any Freon to generate super low-temperature air and oil mist makes the minimum operation cost.

 Easily adjust the cool air temperature and flow to the optimum condition.

 It equipped with view window for oil drop flow making the oil adjustment easily.

 Equipped with temperature-keeping “Cool air guided hose” to lower down the influence of the temperature. It avoids the frozen water drop outside the hose causing the rust on the component.

 The super low temperature air and oil mist can cool down the cutting tool temperature to reduce the tool wear, tool tip broken caused by heat.

 The super low temperature air and oil mist can cool down the temperature on the cutting surface to avoid the deformation of component and influence the cutting accuracy.

 The super low temperature air and oil mist can lower down the instant friction prolong the tool life and generate the smooth cutting surface.

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